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I had the pleasure of photographing two handsome little boys last week for their birthday cake smashes. Today I will introduce you to one of them, Thomas.

What a face! Seriously. How cute is this kid ? ? ?

This little guy had the cutest facial expressions! When I saw how many I captured in succession, I knew I would have to make this collage.

Digging in…

To say that Thomas ate a lot of birthday cake is a bit of an understatement. In fact, I think he gets one of my awards. I have all kinds of made-up awards like child who was the saddest over birthday cake, kid who was the most artistic with the frosting and only child to ever try to throw-up birthday cake (you know who you are *wink*). Thomas gets the award for the most cake ever eaten during a smash!

I hope you have an awesome first birthday little man!






4 responses to “thomas | long island childrens photographer | cake smash”

  1. Susie Avatar

    These pictures are priceless. Thomas’s parents are lucky to have had you to capture their little man ejoying his 1st birthda cake. The 2nd to last picture is to die for.

  2. Debra Avatar

    How cute is Thomas!?! One question though; where did he *put* it all? That’s a LOT of cake missing in that last shot! ;)

  3. Vikki Avatar

    Thank you for the kind words…god only knows where he puts it. He has an appetite like his daddy, that’s for sure haha.

  4. […] little guy! I photographed his older brother this Fall and seriously, both boys are beautiful! (remember his mohawk?) Thomas even showed up towards the end of our shoot (when I always recommend older siblings join […]

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