saturday on argyle lake | long island family photographer

I am extra-happy with the progress I’ve made in Photoshop in the past 24 hours. :) I have three galleries from last week completely edited with links sent to clients. I have one CD burned and ready to be delivered today. I completed a design project right under deadline. And I have this cute family’s gallery about 80% done. I love my outdoor Autumn sessions! Once I start editing them and add a little touch of that blue with a hint of golden yellow, they just feel so Fall-ish to me. Add in a few apple pictures and I’m happy. :)

This isn’t the completed set of pictures but in the interest of keeping my Blogged sessions somewhat up to date, it’s more of a mini-share. I met this adorable, well-dressed family at Argyle Lake over the weekend. The day called for rain so we just watched the weather and kept in close contact. I told Mom that overcast was actually good. We wouldn’t have to deal with many shadows. We did have light gray skies and we moved our shoot up an hour at the last minute to beat the raindrops, but they never fell. We even ended up having some sun mixed in. All in all, a beautiful albeit windy afternoon on the water!

Thanks so much for meeting with me K family. You guys are the perfect little family!






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