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It’s been way too long for my tastes between Blog entries. Even though you’ve seen all of these on my Facebook recently, I am posting them here so they’re in the archives (and because well, they are so cute!) I had my sister-in-law drop my nephew off for a photoshoot last week. I love that she has no idea what goes on here and then she is surprised when I post a photo of her son sitting in a tie or amongst a bunch of stuffed friends. My Dominic shoots are quite difficult because I am literally a one woman show. Set-up, dress the kid, place him in position, scramble back to my camera, make him smile, catch him from crawling off the backdrop, stop him from tearing my faux brick floor… times 100. But the end results are so worth it. :)

Dominic at 10 months.

Have a fabulous Fall weekend friends!






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  1. Debra Avatar

    Oh Gina! First of all; how can he already be 10 months old? And, second; I love all three shots so much I cannot pick a favorite! :)

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