candy or bust | halloween 2011

Just a fast picture re-cap. We had a really fun day! I spent most of it at the kids’ school taking pictures of the older grades reading to the younger, the Book Character Parade and helping with Andrew’s class party. I managed to squeeze in a 3.5 mile run and a shower in between school photos so that made me happy. When the kids got off the bus at 4pm, they flew down the steps and yelled “Can we go trick or treating now?” It was already very cold out and we were losing sun so my pictures are lacking for artistic depth. They’re still colorful with cute subjects though. :)

Andrew changed his mind regarding his costume at the last minute. Again. He did this last year too and I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. I really think he just likes dressing up in as many outfits as he can for this very sugary holiday. Apparently, vampires were very popular this year as a walk through the school today proved. So for the record, the very official Miller Family Record, on Halloween Day, this year we had an 80’s girl, a vampire and Blueberry Muffin. Oh and a bat. We trick or treated with my nephew and nephew’s cousins. A big, colorful group of cute, bundled-up kids!

I hope all of you had a fun day as well! The kids and I came home tonight, got into cozy Winter pjs, packed up all of our Jack-O-Lanterns, black cats and ghosts, and put some turkeys on display. Bring on November I say!






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