I had such a busy, filled day yesterday. It was pretty great. :)

My youngest had school because even though public schools were off Thursday and Friday for the Jewish holidays, our pre-school is Christian. My older kids were very excited to get to bring Grace to school which they sometimes do, but more so to pick her up. We decided not to tell her that the others had off because we didn’t want her to feel bad that she was leaving for a few hours. As soon as we got in the car she said “Andrew, you forgot your backpack!” Busted. We told her we were going to make a pit-stop back home for it. ;) Our day went like this:

9:00am. After drop-off, the older kids and I grabbed breakfast at Starbucks.

10:00am. Nearly two year old toddler boy shoot here at home. He was gorgeous. Mom was awesome. And she bought me a surprise coffee. I now have a new best friend. Anyone who brings me a Pumpkin Spice Latte upon meeting me for the first time gets to wear that title.

11:30am. Shoot wraps. I sweep hay. Lots and lots of hay from my pumpkin and apple set-ups.

11:45am. We pick-up Grace from school. She’s made a paper paint brush and since their new school skill is cutting, the ‘bristles’ are cut on the lines. She’s wearing an Ernie sticker and tells me that “I really wanted Abby but “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!”” Words to live by.

12:00pm. Home for a quick change. It’s photoshoot time for the Miller kids and I didn’t even have to bribe them with anything.

12:30pm. Decided to scope out a local park since I am shooting there this weekend.

12:30-2:00pm. My kids cooperated during a fun shoot on the water and then I let them play barefoot in the sand on the playground. Anything barefoot, especially involving slides and swings, equals fun to them.

2:30pm. We stop and grab Happy Meals on the way home. We laugh when Mommy has to do a semi-swerve away from a crazed driver and Emily drops her cheeseburger.

3:00pm. We stop at Grandma’s to play with chalk and take a few more photos, this time with my nephew in them.

5:00-6:15pm. My girls and I head over to pick up my 5K race packet for the Diva race this weekend. They are happy sampling the fare at the Expo such as assorted Luna bars, organic peanut butter with pretzels and so on. Meanwhile, Andrew is home getting ready for football.

6:30pm. Emily is picked up for a sleepover at her girlfriend’s house. She went out to dinner with the family too. Lucky. When I decided to make myself dinner in the form of a baked wrap in the toaster later in the evening so I could crumble it up on top of a salad, I set a small fire to my kitchen. =P

6:30pm. Grace is picked up by my husband and taken to the field so Mommy can run.

6:45-7:30pm. I run 3 1/2 miles through town, the last mile in the rain. Pace was a lot faster than usual because I just wanted to get home under a dry roof.

By 9pm I was feeling pretty exhausted but my creative brain got the best of me and I stayed up for two hours working some magic on this silly photo:

All it took was me perched atop a 6 foot ladder for the original shot, nearly 90 minutes of extracting bodies with the lasso tool in Photoshop, a cloud background and some clevery placed strings & balloons to end up with this. My Mom loves it! It’s not everyday you get a picture of your four grandbabies floating in the clouds.

Have a magical weekend!






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  1. Debra Avatar

    Gina! Both photos are just fantastic! {lasso tool makes me cuss}, *SO* impressed with your running, and can I please live in that home on the lake?


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