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First, I wanted to say thanks for all of the comments, new ideas and suggestions in my last entry regarding the home organizer. I’ll definitely be putting some of your ideas into motion. :)  Some good news: Pack #2 of printables are already loaded into my store and will be available for sale this Wednesday – 50% off for the day! Some more good news: I have a free printable sheet for everyone to download and sample today! Due to exceeding my bandwith and the spike in Blog traffic during my last giveaway on National Scrapbooking Day, I am only keeping this link active for 24 hours. That means at 1pm EST on Tuesday September 13th, you will no longer be able to grab this sheet for free. Please make sure to download this sheet at your earliest convenience. Please do not contact me after the 24 hours to send you the sheet via e-mail. Unfortunately, I will not be able to accommodate those requests.

Now, onto the freebie!  It’s actually a spin-off of the Chore Chart offered in my Starter Pack. After seeing how one of my customers altered that sheet to create something she could use daily, I knew she had a great idea. I wanted to offer a free sheet here today that would hopefully find a home in many of your binders. I wasn’t sure something geared towards working out or pets would do just that (but don’t worry, those are coming!) This Chore Chart can be printed once a week and used daily. The .pdf is blank. The .psd has my own chores listed to give you a jumping off point. Happy list-checking!

– the download has now expired. thanks for stopping by! –

Here’s a look at what’s being offered in Pack 2.

And last but not least, two randomly selected winners from this weekend’s contest!

Congrats Leigh and Aleena! I’ll be e-mailing you both coupons to pick up the Starter Pack and Pack 2 of my binder sheets!

Have YOU Blogged about your own binder? If so, link your entry in the comment field here. You must share pictures of your own binder that was put together with my printables. I’ll be giving away two $8 coupons that you can use on future printable packs or anything else of your choosing in my Lilypad shop. :)  Deadline to leave your comment is noon EST on Wednesday September 14th.

If you grab the freebie today, make sure to leave a comment and say hi. I’d love to hear from you. :)

Thanks for playing along & enjoy the freebie!


19 responses to “home organization binder | free printable”

  1. Jen_A Avatar

    Thanks SO much!! I picked up the Starter pack last night and can’t wait to get busy organizing!! Pack 2 looks awesome too. Can’t wait to check it out.

  2. Danielle Avatar

    Thanks G! Cant wait to continue my search for dividers tomorrow and finally put this binder together! Pack 2 looks great, I will be getting it Wednesday :)

  3. Danielle Avatar

    Thanks G! I can’t wait to put this binder together and for the second kit to be released on Wednesday! :)

  4. Leigh Avatar

    yay! Thank you so much! Now to get my life under control!!! :) woo hoo!

  5. Tara Kekahuna Avatar
    Tara Kekahuna

    I was coming back here to read the last entry again about the starter pack and was happy to see there is a second pack coming out! I am working on my hot pink binder tonight after finding some pretty and colorful dividers at Staples this morning. My one question is this, do you have a template for divider labels? I haven’t bought labels yet anyway so will have to wait to print and just work on organizing stuff now anyway.

  6. traci murphy Avatar

    Thanks mama! I’m working on my other printables right now!

  7. Melanie Avatar

    Thanks for the freebie, girl! Going to buy and download set #2 in the morning. Can’t even think about staying up longer to do it tonight! LOL

  8. MaryRuth Avatar

    Yay! Love these. I started putting together my binder a few months ago but only have one section finished… these will be great!

  9. knmkendall Avatar

    Thank you for this! I just love your printable organizer pages. They are beautiful and so useful!

  10. Mary Avatar

    Awesome!!!! Thank you!!!

  11. Nicole Avatar

    Love these! I have 4 boys and can use all the help I can get staying organized (even better when organization comes in cute prints & bright colors)

  12. rae_j Avatar

    thanks Gina – sooo unlikely to happen but will download it to motivate me! LOVE your work:-)

  13. Lucrecia Avatar

    Thanks for the freebie Gina!

  14. Debra Avatar

    Gina! Thx so much! I get ridiculously excited about organization tools and this chore list is going to sleek out my routine even more (if that’s possible ;) Off to check out your new products!

  15. Molly Avatar

    I just found your starter pack and then this post. I am too late to download the freebie but I hope that you will release it in the future in your store. I so need to get organized and have tried to create something like this for myself. Thanks for producing such a terrific product!

  16. Brynn Marie Avatar

    Yippie <3 I thought these wouldn't be out til Friday…now I have something to do this week :D I blogged about my binder process so far…now that I have the new set I am going to start putting it all together and blog about it again this weekend!


    Thanks Gina for all the inspiration & motivation to get this done <3

  17. Nicole Avatar

    Thanks SO MUCH for the freebie and for linking back to my blog! Off to check out the second set!

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