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As I started baking a cupcake cake for today’s cake smash last night, it dawned on me: today’s 1st birthday client was my very first newborn last year! Even though I’ve been taking pictures for years, I only decided to open myself up to clients one year ago, in August 2010. I already had a business. Did I want another? But as I realized I could combine them on some level and the requests for me to take family photos for people didn’t stop rolling in, I realized I should probably be doing this. And so I set out to do just that. I designed some business cards, opened this Blog, started a business FB and held my breath. I then set out to gather up some potential clients, a pool of people that {thankfully} keeps growing and growing.

I wanted to take a moment today to post a heartfelt thank you here. If you are a client of mine, I do so hope you end up reading this. If you aren’t yet but you stumble upon this entry, I hope that you can feel my gratitude and understand that I love each and every session I complete. You have all been wonderful to work with.

Thank you for opening your homes to me, or for traveling to mine. Thank you for making small talk about life and asking questions about my work. I love talking about both. Husbands – thank you for offering to help me carry gear to and from my car. Thank you for offering bottled water as the shoot goes on and hey, sometimes even coffee! Thank you for sharing your children with me, many only days old. I am honored that some spend a portion of their actual birthday here in my home smashing cake around. As I was holding hands with a recent 3 month old, his father said to me “I can tell you have kids. It shows.” I don’t think I ever received a nicer compliment coming from someone I met not even an hour prior. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge how I am interacting with your child. Kids – thanks for laughing at the silly camera lady’s faces, songs and peek-a-boo games. Thanks for tossing leaves around with me outdoors in the Fall. And to the little boy who gave me a tour of his home in his Superman undies last Winter, thank you. I will never forget that! LOL! Thanks for always making me smile. I have met countless wonderful people over the past year. I hope to meet many more.

2011 was a wonderful year for Gina Rae Miller Photography. I grew quickly and I have loved every second of it. I honestly cannot wait to see what is in store for 2012. I hope to see many of your smiling faces again in the future. Thank you for making my business and thus, life, brighter. I hope my photographs have done the same for you.






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  1. Melissa Avatar

    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you a successful and fulfilling 2012!

  2. shannon Avatar

    That made me tear up. <3 Congratulations on such a wonderful first year!

  3. Andrea severin Avatar
    Andrea severin

    Congrats Gina!!! And thank you oodles and noodles for taking such beautiful pics of my little Griffin!!!keep up the good work !

  4. Joy Avatar

    Congratulations Gina… and it is wonderful to see how you have blossomed with your photography.

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