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We always make our Lake George trip with fellow travelers (aside from my parents). Sometimes it’s cousins, other times it brothers and sisters. This time, we shared our Lake George experience with three family members brand new to our annual retreat. We all had a wonderful time! Not only that, but it was my Aunts who joined us and my 92 year old Grandmother. A few days before the trip, I told the kids to ask her (AKA Nanny to them) if she was ready for her first vacation with them. And then it dawned on me: I am pretty sure it was my first vacation with her as well. Needless to say, we all shared some wonderful memories.

We arrived at the lake on Thursday mid-afternoon. My Aunt had brought glasses and Malibu (OJ for the kids) and we had a toast. This was a welcome drink after 4 hours in the car.

Our first stop was on the pier for a ride on the MinneHaHa, a steamboat. My kids associate Lake George with this boat. It’s about a 45 minute ride around the lake with beautiful scenery.

We had dinner in a restaurant by our hotel, went back to the room for some hooded sweatshirts and were ready to hit the town. I think I especially love coming here in August because we get the best of both worlds: hot Summer days and cool, Fall-like nights.

It wouldn’t be a night on the town without Ben & Jerry’s (for all Millers but me. I can think of 1,000 other things I would rather eat than ice cream).

I did, however, find a lovely coffee shoppe where I treated myself to a Mocha Latte every night. The drink was smooth and perfectly foamy on top. Emily and I were mesmerized as we watch them ribbon the foam into a leaf shape each night. It may have been better than my usual Starbucks. Yes I really just put that in print.

They shoot off fireworks over the lake every Thursday (I know, seems so random). We finished our night watching those.

Breakfast the next morning was across the street at the Pancake House.

Some family shots outside of the Pancake House:

Um, yes. I talked everyone into my super-neato tie dye plan. Cute, no? It’s like a rainbow threw-up on all of us.

This is where we headed to Six Flags Great Escape which you can read about here. Here’s a shot of the kids before we left our room. Check out my girls’ cute tie dyed socks!

After showers, we went to dinner at George’s which we love. It’s a steakhouse with a delish salad bar.

The next morning, it was up bright and early for breakfast at The White Lion.

We decided to drive the kids over to the stables for our annual pony rides. Emily and Andrew are both old enough to go out on the trails. We said next year. We were in flip flops and shorts and not really prepared for it.

Grace rode on PeeWee, Andrew rode on Munchkin and Emily rode on Molly. My kids have been riding PeeWee and Munchkin for the past 4 or 5 years now. Molly was all new to us.

In keeping with our horse theme, we decided to go back to the lake for horse-drawn carriage rides. My parents were in the carriage with us. My Grandmother was determined to get into one as well (huuuuge animal lover) so her and my Aunts were in the following carriage.

Ok so you totally can’t see my Grandma in the black and white shot but I assure you she’s there, hidden behind the driver.

We’ve been staying at Fort William Henry for years but the last time I took their tour was decades ago. I wanted to try it again since the Fort is filled with lots of history. Grace lasted about 10 minutes (which was 9 minutes more than I assumed she’d last) and Emily bowed-out with maybe 10 minutes to go. Andrew seemed really interested though. We were laughing because at one point, he just took off with our guide and was in the front of the crowd during each speech. It’s pretty interesting actually. The fort was in use for two years during the French and Indian War: 1755-1757 after which is was burned down by the French. In the 1950’s, the fort was re-built. During this tour, we were shown how a Redcoat would have packed and fired a rifle (yes they really fire one) and loaded and shot a canon (they really do that too).

Toward the end of the tour, they ask who wants to enlist in the army. All of the kids get to put on a redcoat, hat and carry a rifle.

Then they went into the 35th Regiment of Foot’s recruiting office, signed their papers and got their pay.

After our Fort tour, we headed to an early dinner at one of our other Lake George favorites, The Sicilian Spaghetti House.

A cute shot of my girls after dinner:

Two doors down is the Lake George Jr./Sr. High, AKA where Rachael Ray went to school!

Since we ate early, we had plenty of time to walk around after and play. Emily has been asking for years to get a hair wrap and they just happened to do them in the place we stopped at for Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Minnetonka moccasins are another Lake George staple. Grace got hers and the rest of us ended up getting them the following day at a leather store. Vin and I both love the pairs we picked out, which are basically like really nice slippers. These are mine. Love ’em! The kids get ones with actual soles to wear to school.

I didn’t take a picture of the set I got but after two years of oohing and ahhing over the Matryoshka dolls in this one store dedicated to them, I got a set for my girls. I am thinking about buying a set each year.

We stopped at the end of an outdoor “mall” (I use the term loosely since it’s nothing like a mall on Long Island) and took in the view from those telescopes.

And then we did what any other normal family does on a Saturday night. We took a picture with Frankenstein.

LOL! I know. Is he not the most random character ever? He stands outside of the Wax Museum and he’s been standing there since my childhood. Everyone who knows Lake George knows Frankenstein. But if you haven’t been there, he does come off as an odd choice I guess.

At 7pm, me, my Mom and my Aunt Lorraine went back to the Fort for a ghost tour! The Fort was featured on Ghost Hunters a few months ago. I didn’t bring my camera because I wasn’t sure if you could take pictures (you could) but I did take some cell shots. I didn’t see any orbs or anything like that on my pictures after. We did see a green orb on a video that someone shot right in front of us and my Mom and I both heard lots of running above our heads when we were in the dungeon, formerly the hospital during the war. It was pretty cool, even if we didn’t see any ghostly soldiers trying to run down the hall at us.

My Dad and Vin took the kids on another carriage ride during the tour. They also played shuffleboard and miniature golf. The only thing I could think of that we never got to do that we usually do is swim in the pool overlooking the lake (pools have since lost their charm now that we have one of our very own). At 9pm I told the kids to put on their bathing suits for a surprise swim. They thought that was awesome! Then we got out and everyone had late-night pizza outside. It was a fun last night.

We had beautiful, sunny weather our entire vacation and we left just in time. We heard rain was heading to the lake so after breakfast, we took a few final pictures and then began our journey home.

If you’ve stopped by for a look at our vacation, thanks for taking the time. :)






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  1. Diane E Avatar
    Diane E

    AWWW…What fun memories. I love seeing and hearing all about your annual Lake George trip…It’s so cool how it’s become such a family tradition and love that you got to spend it with your grandma and aunts this time. Adorable photos as always!

  2. Shannon B. Avatar
    Shannon B.

    These pictures of your Grandma just make me smile. What a blessing this trip was for all of you, I’m sure. I love that your Aunts brought drinks for the end of the car ride. LOL! Gracie’s expressions and attitude in every picture just crack me up! She is such a third-born! They never question their cuteness or power in the family line up! I love the Fort pics! LOL at Andrew’s pay deduction! Typical America! The guy next to the canon looks like he’s considering jumping in front of it. Smile, dude. Life ain’t so bad. The ghost tour sounds fun! Of course, I would have made you pray beforehand so that you wouldn’t become possessed but now it’s too late. You probably brought a hitch-hiking ghost home with you. =p
    Always love Lake George pics!

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