baby charlie | long island baby photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Charlie in my home last week. What a doll! I am just in love with her chubby cheeks and tons of dark hair. She reminded me a lot of my girls when they were this little. :) Mom brought along a lot of fun new hats and I must say, I like her style. These are the exact sort of crocheted pieces I would pick up for my own collection.

Meet Charlie.

Thanks so much for the fun session Lindsay! Enjoy your peek. :)






2 responses to “baby charlie | long island baby photographer”

  1. Debra Avatar

    Oh My Gina!!! These shots of darling Charlie are just beyond any adjective I can come up with! My ‘new fav’ from you! :)

  2. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar

    Such great shots! Especially that close up of her sweet face… LOVE it!

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