snow in july | gracie’s wish

Someone is looking forward to cooler temps I think (and it’s not me. I am enjoying our upper-80’s, warm Summer sunshine on Long Island!) Grace emptied out her and her sister’s entire basket of hats, gloves and scarves yesterday, put on a hat and some mittens and told me she was ready for snow!

Oh Grace… I could bite that face!

A few other Gracie-isms I thought I’d share:

Grace loves to put the letter ‘h’ in front of certain words. My favorite is the word ‘other’. “Here’s the hother one.” She also puts it in front of ‘all’. “I cleaned up hall, everything.”

I noticed that when she was showing my Mom our partially finished Disney scrapbook today, she called Eeyore “Hee-hore”.

Another favorite is how ‘something’ becomes ‘sumpin’. This is a direct quote I wrote down in a mail draft the other night after she proceeded to eat 1/2 a pint of cherry tomatoes by herself: “I am eatin’ all the matoes or sumpin’!”

Grace loves, loves, loves to play doctor. She brings out her doctor kit and says “You wanna play doctor-teacher?” Then she introduces herself: “Hi. I am Doctor Miller. What’s your name?” She takes your blood pressure, checks your reflexes, delights in stabbing you with a shot (we’re working on her bedside manner) and then when she listens to your breathing, she says “It sounds like a barking dog.”

Her nickname is Elinor Krinklebine which sometimes becomes Elinor Krinklefish. When Grace is in trouble or acting particularly colorful, I call her by her middle name. She’ll answer to both Grace and Elinor (or sometimes even Elinora).

She’ll say “Oh mio dio” if something isn’t going right (Oh my God). We speak Italian to one another here and there. ;)

She has two fish: Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. I am pretty sure she has no idea what I Love Lucy even is but she loves watching Lucy and Ricky swim.

She can sing her ABCs perfectly.

Yesterday she came up to me and said “Mom, have you ever seen a little crocodile on a swing? No. It’s not natural”.

Grace, you are one-of-a-kind!






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