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I thought it would be fun to show one of my side-by-sides of a before & after shot from a recent newborn session. I am always calling my husband over to the computer to check out what I’ve done. I think he’s growing bored. LOL Maybe some of you guys will find this more entertaining. :)

During all of my sessions, I get asked questions (note: I love questions! I love to talk just in case you didn’t know that about me, so ask away)! I get asked stuff like “How long have you been doing this?” or “Did you go to school for photography” or “So when will our pictures be ready?” Many people (usually the husbands; sorry guys!) are surprised to know that the session itself is only 50% of the process. When you pay Gina Rae Miller Photography, please know that you are not just paying me to photograph your child or family for an hour or two. That’s only the beginning. Before I ever started garnering a group of clients and professionally shooting, I was a graphic designer (still am of course!) I live, breathe and sometimes sleep Photoshop. I love working in the program and taking an okay image from nice to amazing. It’s crazy how lost you can get in this program and the stuff you can do. So yes, after our session I take your collection of photos and then I. edit. them. all. It’s a lot of work. It’s work that I absolutely love to do. And so, that is where I spend the other half of my time after our session wraps. I try to create images you will absolutely love.

Here’s one before & after of a cute little 7 day old boy named Connor. The before is of course on the left (SOOC means Straight Out Of Camera). The finished image and the one that will be added to my client’s CD is on the right. You can see I took out the red spots from his skin, cleaned the wrinkles from the orange blanket, polished the skin tone, popped the overall colors, sharpened everything, etc etc etc. Enjoy this little peek into Gina Rae Miller Photography AFTER our session ends.

Here are both images a little bigger. I think it’s most effective showing them side-by-side but you can see details better at this larger size.

Straight off of my camera card.

Post-processing. Was Connor dreaming of baseball perhaps? What a cutie!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week!




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  1. Melissa Ives Avatar
    Melissa Ives

    Great post Gina!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks! :)

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