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The countdown is on until Summer vacation officially starts. We’ve been getting lots of tastes of Summer here with all of the BBQs, sprinklers and sunshine, but there are still technically 14 school days left until we’re officially on Summer vacation!

We had a nice, relaxing Sunday yesterday. My Dad drops off bagels and donuts every Sunday morning so if I am being honest (and you promise not to judge), I will admit to laying around and usually eating a bagel in bed on Sundays.  I got sucked into a few Lifetime movies this weekend: one that left me in tears and one that made my hair stand on end which if you think about, it precisely what every Lifetime movie ever made was designed to do.

Around noon, the kids were hungry so I asked if they wanted to go out for lunch. Here’s another confession since I’m in the habit of airing my dirty laundry this morning: we picnic in the car. With McDonalds.

Recently I stopped buying Happy Meals because I end up spending $15, nobody ever eats their fries and we certainly don’t need three of the same toys (two of which always seem to end up in the garbage). Now I spend either $8 or $9 and we get more food and when we picnic, it’s more fun. (Truthfully this only started because McDonalds is right across the street from Target and usually I have to end up there for one thing or another. So yes, if you are following the way this story is unfolding, you will have by now realized that the picnic takes place in the Target parking lot. Oh for shame…)

A few cheeseburgers, a 20-piece nugget, some dipping sauces and a frozen strawberry lemonade to share and we’re happy and laughing and enjoying a silly lunch together.

After lunch & shopping (& coffees on the way home!), the kids helped my husband plant our garden.

My girls were so excited to wear their “farming overalls”. Emily was loving all of the extra pockets.

I asked them to put their heads together for a photo. Apparently, they heard “Stick them partially through the wire fencing…” LOL! I am laughing. What silly kids. Grace couldn’t take her eyes off the dirty water in the cooler that Vin was dipping the plants in before putting them in the ground. Grace is *such* a squeamish little girl. If she sees a bug, we are d.o.n.e.

Laughing at something we said or did. I can’t recall now but hey, it looks like it was funny.

This year we’re attempting to grow cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, red & green bell peppers, chili peppers, basil & eggplant. The kids are excited. Andrew wants us to add some hanging strawberry plants so those will round out our garden plans. Hopefully everything starts coming up and flourishing because there’s nothing quite like a tomato & cucumber salad in the Summer that you picked minutes before dinner.

A scrapbook page using my Farmer’s Market kit:

Have a wonderful week!




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