officially summer

Finally. We finally got through the last week of school over here. I can’t believe that my kids are done with 1st and 2nd grade.

Their faces changed a bit but thankfully, not too much. I am ok with this particular side-by-side comparison. :)

My favorite part about the photo taken this morning? I didn’t even notice they were holding hands until I loaded this photo into Lightroom. Sure, there are days when they fight like cats and dogs but many times, they are the best of friends, just like when they were toddlers. And at times, it shows in ways that I believe are completely subconscious to even themselves.

I know many of you caught this on my Facebook but I wanted to share here too (if only to have a record of it for myself come next school year. My brain is getting old and fuzzy like that).

Instead of doing book store gift cards as an end-of-the-year teacher treat like we normally do, I decided to make some Summer bags filled with {what I hope are} useful treats. I bought straw tote bags from Target and inside were the following:

…strawberry lemonade mix, sunblock and a beach towel. Also inside was a Summer-themed soundtrack. Emily said her teacher played hers in class for the past two days. We made two tote bags and also 6 of the CDs wrapped around beach towels for Grace’s school a few weeks ago. They were really well received!

The CDs were a lot of fun. I bought some Avery matte white CD labels (8699) and used elements by myself and Kaye Winiecki to decorate them. Here’s our playlist:

1) Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
2) Drive My Car – The Beatles
3) Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys
4) Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys
5) Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys
6) Summer Nights – Grease cast
7) Let The Music Play – Shannon
8) Cruel Summer – Bananarama
9) We Got The Beat – The Go-Go’s
10) Summer of ‘69 – Bryan Adams
11) The Boys Of Summer – Don Henley
12) Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow
13) Summer Love – Justin Timberlake
14) Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus
15) Halo/Walking On Sunshine mix – GLEE cast

One more cute Summer project before I go: the Summer Fun List! This is our second year making a giant list and they are pretty fun to do. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing what I put on there and we always have fun trying to check everything off. I made this year’s list on black foam board and used a paint marker for writing.

Along with this list, I am also thinking about implementing Treat Tuesdays into our Summer. I’ll be sure to share if I do.

Have a great weekend!




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  1. Heather M Avatar

    Love all of your creativity! I have to comment on Em’s flip flops though. I bought them for Sam a month ago. Brought them home and she says, “Why does this one say Peace and Lovc? What does L-O-V-C spell????” Flipping WRONG BEAD on the one flip flop!!!!!! I never returned them, but now it bothers me when she wears them!

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