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Last week, my girlfriend brought her son over for some first birthday photos, including his cake smash. I love the photo below! It’s my new favorite (well, minus funny talk bubble that I just added for a little Blog humor).

Soon it was time for cake.

Luke does not seem to like cake.

At all.

Lucky for him, I am pretty good at ‘faking’ the photos and getting the shots I need anyway, despite tears.

I baked him a birthday cake.

In hindsight, electric blue frosting is not the best idea when the subject will be wearing it on his feet. It photographs nicely though and that’s really all that matters.

FYI, Resolve takes blue right out of carpet.

The only real way we got Luke to touch the cake was to stick some of his Puffs into the back. It worked like a charm! (for a few shots anyway). Moms, if you are bringing your child here for a smash, bring along some Puffs!

And then, it happened. Luke was done-done-done with his smash and I told my friend that she had to stick BOTH of his hands in the frosting. Yes, he will scream. No, he will not need therapy over this later in life.

Smile Luke! Cake isn’t so bad. <3

Luke’s storyboard.

I really don’t like it when kids don’t like me and well, Luke was not interested in being friends with me after this session wrapped. Thankfully, he stayed to play with my kids and by time he left, we were friends again. :)

Enjoy your pictures Lau! Happy 1st Birthday “Lukey!”

Hand-drawn birthday elements pictured above by Kate Hadfield.






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