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I think paper bag scrapbooks may be my latest small obsession! The kids and I worked on two of these book this weekend using CD Muckosky’s adorable kit found here. It was mostly geared towards Daddy but I found enough stuff without the word Dad present that I could re-use for a Grandpa book too. We added other elements from my digital stash to round out both books. Here are some snapshots of the one we gave to my husband.

To start, we folded three large brown paper lunch bags and punched three holes in each. I originally strung them together with yarn but later cut that off because ribbon seemed to work better. The yarn was too slack. This was the front cover. The original word art said “my daddy the hero” but since it was from three kids and not one, I covered the “my” up with a Superman sticker that we printed. We printed all of our sheets on matte white photo paper by the way. I love the Epson brand. White cardstock would also work wonderfully.

The thickness of the book after it’s filled. We added drawings from each kid that they signed. My Dad’s book got more pictures of each kid since we needed to fill up more pages. The fun part about a paper bag book are the sides of the pages. Some of them (the bottom three shown here) are the open end of the lunch bag which creates a pocket! We didn’t use any of these since we worked on these books kind of under the wire, but you could fill the pockets with all sorts of added memorabilia, i.e. additional photos, poems, homemade coupons…

Here are a few of the inside pages. There were a few cute questionnaires and Mad-Libs type of prompts. To bulk up my Dad’s Grandpa book, I printed three of the same orange page you see below (minus the Daddy title). I had the kids each answer the same questions (whereas with my husband’s book, they all contributed answers to the same page) and we signed their name. On the facing page was a picture of them. This easily covered 6 pages.

(The Chili Pepper is what they call Vin’s new little red car).

Last but not least, the highlight of the book:

Daddy as Superman! Everyone got a kick out of this page. We used the Superman page as the cover of my Dad’s book. I left both books’ back covers blank and covered them with a small 5×5 piece of black cardstock. I didn’t want to put something back there and risk it getting ruined.

Here are all of the above pictures at a quick glance. There are pages not shown here but I think you get the general idea.

My Grandmother couldn’t stop taking about this scrapbook so needless to say, the kids and I are planning on making her one this Summer. I am also going into my son’s 1st grade class today to help them create… wait for it… paper bag scrapbooks of their school year. Yep, just a little consumed with these cute books at the moment.

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  1. Diane Enarson Avatar

    Soooo DARN CUTE!!! I used to love making these types of albums too…Uh Oh…Think I might have to get back into it! LOL!! Really cute G!! LOVVVE Vin as Superman! Cracked me up!! What an awesome gift that I’m sure they will cherish forever!!

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