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We had quite the beautiful day here today. Busy but beautiful. In the morning, I set everything up for a photoshoot taking place at noon (to be Blogged tomorrow! What a sweet pea). Then I headed to Grace’s Spring party. It’s always so cute to see her around her classmates and watch the excitement in her eyes when she realizes I am there (this usually takes a good minute or two mind you). Today I noticed she said her prayer over snack very sweetly and then ended with a loud, gruff “AMEN!” Only my child…

I came home, did my shoot and then wanted to take my Bee for more of a test-drive so I ended up doing a mini shoot with Grace. What a ham. This kid loves the camera! I told her to grab her sock monkey. I also took some shots of her class project. When the teacher handed it to me, I was just about to say “It looks like a real chocolate bunny!” (you know, to play it up a bit) when she informed me that it was painted with…. chocolate pudding! I thought that was pretty neat. Grace told me that the class was told “Don’t eat this or we’ll choke!” LOL! Two and a half year olds really will try to eat almost anything so it only makes sense that a paper bunny comes with a disclaimer…

Some things to be noted here:

1) Grace is going through a major stripes phase. Everything has to be stripes. She might change her outfit 4 times a day and at each changing, something on her needs to be striped. Needless to say, she was pretty psyched to wear this new striped dress to her class party. In her eyes, the outfit gets bonus points if it is partly made up of striped shorts. This kid is going to have a field day dressing herself this Summer.

2) Note the scuff marks on the toes of her fancy gold shoes. All of the toes to all of her glitter shoes are worn down. She wears this gold pair probably 6 days a week. The older grandmas at the bus stop love Grace and her sparkly shoe wardrobe.

3) My rainbow brick backdrop is pretty awesome.

One thing to be noted here:

1) I love how in the above picture, Grace’s chipped tooth sort of takes center stage.

And now for one of the cutest Easter bunnies I’ve ever seen…


I am off to shower & maybe start my new book. I haven’t read in what feels like ages but this is something I’ve wanted to read for a while now and the movie trailers are only making me want to even more.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before 10 wonderful days of SPRING BREAK! I think we’ll kick it off with an opening day showing of Rio!

Have a great Friday!



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  1. Shannon B. Avatar

    She is just too cute. I don’t remember if Emily had hair this long at Grace’s age but I know my first two did not. Katie’s has gotten super long though! Long hair on preschoolers just melts me! I totally love this pudding bunny idea. Let me know how that book is! I promised my Mentor Mom that I’d try to read it before the movie came out but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance!

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