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I asked Gracie if she wanted to grab her umbrella and go play in the rain yesterday after lunch. Of course she said yes.

We played out front for a bit and she laughed as the winds picked up and would pull her umbrella (actually, her older sister’s umbrella) right from her hand. Then we moved to the back deck where she begged to ride her tricycle. We have a large deck and a portion is covered, so it was fine to let her ride around for a bit. Want to know how I get this next smile? I was kneeling low on her level and she thought it was hysterical to try and run me down with her vehicle. Nice.

I can’t even with the perfectness of that face…

“Sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to run over your toes. Repeatedly”

“Ok maybe I did.”

This is a mischievous little face that I see quite often. Her latest act of sneakery? (Yes, I said sneakery. Play along.) This past weekend she saw me working with some yarn so like she always does, she grabbed a skein for herself and a hook. I am fine with this. She even got out some kid scissors and started cutting the yarn (in all the worst spots so I can’t even use it again mind you). I am also fine with this. What I am not fine with is when she said “Oops. I cut my socks.” Yep. She went right for her ankles and just cut those suckers off. Little bits of white and hot pink sock on the living room rug…

We are having our typical rainy April and that’s ok (we actually got a great big dose of sunshine right after the school bus pulled up yesterday until night fall). I am noticing new flowers and leaves sprouting up all over the place each day. I love finding new life and realizing that our more frequent gorgeous, warm, sunny days are close by. This weekend there wasn’t any color whatsoever on the hedges in the backyard and then just like that, I spotted hundreds of teeny yellow flowers on them yesterday. One of my favorite things about early Spring!

On a business note: if you are not a ‘fan’ of my Gina Rae Miller Photography Facebook page, please come join me! It’s where I post the latest news, sneak peeks at sessions and we can interact and chit chat. I posted a note last night that read:

It is absolutely never too early to book your newborn shoot! I have some for October on my calendar already.  Also, don’t forget that you can give a session as a GIFT! Another great idea for mom-to-be is a complete one year package for their new little one. It would include newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year shoots at a discounted price when purchased together. Inquire within.

Please don’t wait until the last minute! I hate telling people that I don’t have room on my calendar but I can’t physically create more days in my week or hours in my day.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rain elements posted above are by Kaye Winiecki



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