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The past few days have been filled with little ladies smashing cake in my home studio. One of those little cuties was this dark-haired beauty named Mia. What a DOLL! She reminded me so much of my girls at this age, with her dark hair and dark eyes. We started with a few formal shots of her in her birthday dress (and a seriously gorgeous headband) and then we moved onto a tutu and cake! Mom asked me if I had ever had anyone not like their cake smash. And I have. And I also promised her that I wasn’t worried about it at all. I am 99.99% sure (no one is perfect so I leave a smidge of room for doubt) that I can get enough shots where the whole experience won’t come across as tears on a CD. And I think if you look at the shots below , you’ll see I made good on my word.

Marisa, I hope you enjoy these!

Mia’s Mom, Dad, my girls and I all worked to get this little beauty to smile. Know how we did it? YouTube videos of Dora & Diego songs on our iPhones!

That’s about as messy as Mia wanted to get. She was a really sweet little girl who did not enjoy having frosting on her fingers and toes. Hey, it happens.

I absolutely *must* share this image if you promise not so assume our whole session was big tears like this. I promise it wasn’t.  This was at the very end when Mom and Dad wanted to see what she would do if they stuck both of Mia’s hands in her cake. This was the answer…

Aw, c’mon. At her Sweet 16, this photo totally needs to be blown-up and greet guests at the door.

And of course, a storyboard to showcase Mia’s special time. I hope you have a beautiful birthday sweet girl!

Thanks again for visiting me Mia & family!



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  1. Melissa I Avatar
    Melissa I

    Aww… tutus and cake are the perfect combo!

  2. Debra Avatar

    Gina! You just keep upping your game! These are among the most fantastic shots I’ve seen from you! No. 7 is my personal fav. Your skill matched with the darkhaired baby on the pink b/g = wow! And those eyelashes; ohmyheart. Ok; I’ll stop now. ;)

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