louis | long island childrens birthday photographer

Louis came to visit me yesterday for some belated birthday photos (he turned two a few months back). Of course, I think he is exceptionally cute but I may be biased. We are related. :) His Mommy and I are first cousins.

We made sure to get his very loved old bear in that photo since it’s an important piece of him. I love including stuff like this because those are items that will make us smile when we look back on them.

Instead of a full cake smash that I do for the little ones turning one, I thought we could play with cupcakes. :)

He was so silly with this cupcake. He was picking off one yellow sprinkle at a time! That would make my kids laugh (AKA my assistants during Spring Break!) which in turn made Louis laugh, so it was a win-win.

Lets not even talk about the roaring laughter that took place when Louis ate Big Bird’s cookie beak and buttercream eyes…

I hope you had a fun time during our session, you silly little goose! :)






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