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This cute little guy came to visit me yesterday for 6 month pictures. I did his newborn pictures back in early November and it’s amazing to me how quickly children change. He has filled-out, was dressed-up and clapped his hands along with Mom & Dad. He is a little individual  now with a sweet personality. :)

Let me re-introduce you to Jackson.

Check out those baby blues!

I was in love with his tie…

There was also another reason Jackson came to visit me. Mom wanted an Easter photo. We were close to not putting the bunny suit on him (If we’re being honest, does any kid really like to wear floppy ears and be dressed in head-to-toe velvet?) but I am so glad we did. Check out this cute little bunny.

I had what I thought was the wonderful idea to buy fresh carrots with long, leafy stems on them for the bunny suit shots. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Jackson was all smiles in the first round of photos and as soon as we brought the carrots out, he was D.O.N.E. It made for some good laughs nonetheless. :)

Thanks again for coming to visit me G family! I had a great time with you guys (and will be sending along your gallery info soon!)

Have a lovely weekend!






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