happy easter!

I found out earlier this week that my husband’s Aunt has been reading this Blog and her and Grandma in Pennsylvania will be checking the Blog today. I promised to try and put up a new picture of the kids and here it is, taken in our backyard about 10 minutes ago. :) The kids say hi to their Pennsylvania family and see you soon!

Happy Easter everyone. Have a blessed day!

(Emily 7 1/2, Andrew 6 1/2, Grace 2 1/2)






3 responses to “happy easter!”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Love the matching dresses and crossed arms. :)

  2. Donna Avatar

    Beautiful photo!! The kids are getting so big!!! Have an Amazing Day!!

  3. Jheri Avatar

    i love this … n i love them… these kids make me smile.. even when i don’t wanna… god bless them.. :) they’re just the cutest!

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