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On St. Patrick’s Day, before the corned beef & cabbage and Bailey’s cupcakes, I got to spend my morning photographing this little beauty. It was 60 degrees outside & sunny, all of my kids were at school and I was off to spend a few hours posing a little one that wasn’t even a week old yet. It was a good day. (I really do have an amazingly cool job!)

Meet Bianca.

This scrumptious little lady was such a rascal. She was sound asleep when I arrived but once we brought her out and started the session, she wasn’t closing her eyes any time soon. Every time her eyelids would droop shut and I’d think a few sleeping shots were on the horizon – BAM – eyes popped open again. LOL! I have a classical Beatles playlist on my iPhone but even that wasn’t making her sleepy.

You are not getting sleepy…

Let me tell you a little bit about Bianca’s older brother, Vincent. What a charming little boy. He greeted me in his underwear and then proceeded to give me a tour of the house. LOL! He was a really cute little helper and a wonderful older brother, even if it’s a fairly new gig for him. :)

Mom wanted a few shots of the two kids together. I especially love their faces in the shot on the right. (The one on the left makes me smile too. Brother was trying to tickle baby sister with the fur on my blanket).

Just a few shots of Vincent because really, how can you resist these eyes? How handsome!

I usually work on a few detail shots once baby is extra-comfortable; towards the second half of our session.

I’ve said it before so you should probably already know that I can’t resist baby feet.

Always hard not to smile when you see a snuggly little teensy pea.

Whenever a client books a session and I send along some follow-up e-mails, I tell them to put stuff aside that they want to incorporate into their photos. We may not get to everything but the more, the merrier.  Special outfits, blankets and family heirlooms: I always enjoy seeing what’s waiting for me as I set-up.

Bianca is named after her great-grandmother and this was her chair. Isn’t it beautiful?

What a fancy little lady!

Thanks again for inviting me into your home B family. Your children are precious!






3 responses to “baby bianca | long island newborn photographer”

  1. Debra Avatar

    Oh Gina! These are just exceptional; my favs of yours so far. What a doll!


    How blessed are you all, what Beautiful,very Loved, Healthy Children, you certainly did something right. Beautiful pictures,

  3. gina Avatar

    congratulations to mom and dad… and what a proud big brother is vincent.. to the photographer… what an amazing job on these pictures..

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