warm heads & happy birds

My Mom did me a favor yesterday and took Grace to and from school. When she (Grace) walked in the door after her day, she came in with the cutest project: a homemade bird feeder! I did think the timing was a bit weird because it’s rather cold out, everything is frozen and I haven’t noticed all that many birds flying around. I think they’re all still South for the Winter. LOL! But it was also a very welcomed project because A- Grace was so excited with it and B- it reminded me that at some point, despite the inches of frozen ice outside, Spring is eventually coming.

Gee, how cute is she? She actually wore her hair in a ponytail to school but Grace is funny: the minute she walks in the door she must remove her shoes and socks and take down her hair.

The project came home in two parts: the feeder and a bag of bird seed. Grace was happy to dump all of the seed into the bowl. I thought the handle of the feeder (a pipe cleaner with Cheerios threaded on it) was really cute. The bowl, however, was too light and lets just say that after this next picture was snapped, the entire thing tipped over and we had birdseed covering the snow. LOL! Grace and I had a good laugh about it.

I would love to make these with all of the kids in a few more {warmer} weeks. I think we’ll use sturdier cups for the base though.

I’ve been crocheting my little fingers off every single day lately it seems. I’m trying out new patterns… seeing what works and what doesn’t… As of this morning, I finally finished hats for all three of my kids ~ yay! Crocheting a boy’s hat is quite the task I’ve come to find out. Andrew is 6 so he’s too old for the cutesy stuff and many of the stitches and designs end up looking cutesy. I worked and re-worked this navy blue hat a bunch of times before I finally felt happy enough to call it done. He was so proud to get his own handmade hat! I think it would look even better w/out the stripe although I have to admit, I hate working in one color and I really wanted to add it. He wanted it too, even if where it’s attached does appear to be a little scalloped in design. I ended up coming up with my own idea for the mock brim. I had a true brim on here and woah – it looked like a bonnet from the side. =P Anyway, here’s the little dude’s hat. I even have another idea or two for a different pattern so hopefully it won’t be the last!

We took that on the back deck this early afternoon. He was laughing because our dog was sliding all over the ice as she tried to fetch her bone.

Emily and Grace are both wearing the same hats below. It’s a Puff Stitch cap and you can find the tutorial right here. Once you get the puff stitch down, this thing is a snap to make. I really love the tighter band at the bottom.

I made Emily’s first. Isn’t it pretty? I used Vanna’s yarn in Cheery Cherry. I have to say, when I started hoarding purchasing yarn about 2 years ago, I kind of scoffed at the idea that Vanna White had a line of yarn. Really? But it’s really quite lovely to work with. It’s very soft and the colors are great! It’s usually $3.49/skein at AC Moore but wasn’t I surprised this week to walk in and find it marked to $1.99! Time to stock-up!

About 2 weeks ago I bought this delicious rainbow yarn to make the girls some headbands and hair flowers. When I started working with it I realized that the color changed too infrequently and for a small project like a headband, I would be lucky to get two colors in. It did, however, work out perfectly for this hat! Each row ended up being a different color.

That hat just makes me happy.

Right now I am working on a new hat for Grace, I want to start another hat for Andrew and I have a few small projects I would love to work on very soon too. They include small envelopes for Valentine’s candy, Valentine hearts and a set of coasters for my desk, since I never put my coffee mug down unless it’s on a sheet of scrap paper or a napkin. I saw two really, really cute coaster projects and I am hoping to get one done over the next week. I also got some one-on-one knitting lessons from my Aunt yesterday, but I am really working on stitches rather than creating any actual items yet (she’s a bootie-making-master though, so I am definitely going to make booties for my kids soon!)

Want to hear a crocheting secret of mine? I crochet usually sitting in bed …watching marathons of The Golden Girls. I’ve seen every episode billions of times yet I just keep on watching. I know, I know… admitting my love for crocheting, The Golden Girls and also cluing you into the fact that I sometimes enjoy a rousing game of Mahjong makes me sound like an 80 year old woman. =P

Enjoy your weekend! The kids are on antibiotics for ear infections and strep so we’re just laying low and having movie marathons. Hoping to kick all of the germs to the curb in the next day or so.






5 responses to “warm heads & happy birds”

  1. Ang Avatar

    HAPPY is definitely the word for that rainbow hat!

  2. Debra Avatar

    Hi Gina! These photos of the kids are just gorgeous and the hats are so cute! I have you to thank for my latest obsession; the Flirty Ruffle Scarf! Thank you (belated) for that wonderful post where you shared info and links for crocheting. Enjoy your weekend & I hope by Monday all three are 100% healthy! :)

  3. Jheri Avatar

    Love these projects.. you’re so talented with all that you do. Hope the kids are feeling better soon.

  4. Shannon B. Avatar

    They all look so cute in their little hats! LOL love that Gracie has to take off her shoes and undo her hair. Katie has to change into pajamas, a bathing suit or a costume. I don’t know why she won’t stay dressed in regular clothes!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Grace too!! Not right when she comes in from school but all day long, off and on, this kid is going through her drawers. It’s maddening!! Lately she MUST wear a dance leotard daily. Ok that part is cute. :)

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