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I was fiddling around with one of my studio floors on Sunday and thought it would be the perfect time to get some shots of the kids. I ended up with a really cute one of Andrew and his LEGOs plus an adorable sister shot of my girls. <3 Hoping to scrapbook those soon (and get the sister one printed as a 5×7 for Andrew’s room and visa versa).

In the meantime, I will share one of my three kids together. I love when I get them all together, even if the girls are in dress-up clothes and Grace resembles George’s wife, or Marie Antoinette.

Speaking of scrapbooking, here are some of my recent layouts. I am putting the finishing touches on a Gracie page and then Andrew is up next. I love scrapbooking and missed it so much. Glad to have found the time to play around again, when I am not photographing little sweethearts or making things with yarn that is.

Before the day is over, I will have a BRAND NEW mini session package posted! It’s going to be geared towards Spring / Easter studio shots. Can’t wait! My Communion package info will be posted shortly as well. As always, feel free to contact me if you have session questions and don’t see the info posted here.

Have a great day!






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  1. Renee Lewis Avatar
    Renee Lewis

    Gina I am loving the Pink Hat! Did u make it? and if so, can I get the pattern please!?

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