we interrupt this blog for another winter storm

I couldn’t resist Blogging this little peek of a teeny tiny client I had yesterday. :) Isn’t she adorable? I really loved this couch so I made sure to incorporate it into a fun shot.

It’s SNOWING here once again and school has already been canceled for tomorrow ~ woo! They’re saying we may possibly get eighteen inches. We are prepared with food and toilet paper, thanks to Peapod and my husband. I placed the Peapod order which was delivered before dinner but forgot the toilet paper. He decided our family of 5 could not get by on our one lone roll so off to the store he went.

I am heading into the kitchen right now to prepare some crockpot oatmeal for breakfast. I’m pretty excited to try this new recipe. We should wake up to find a yummy, filling breakfast already made. Vin & Andrew especially LOVE oatmeal so this should be a fun treat.

Tomorrow night I am planning on making Hamburger Soup.

Tomorrow day, we’ll make a snowman. And I’ll crochet. And edit pictures. And drink lots of hot beverages. It should be a fun day. :)

Stay safe Long Island!







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  1. Melissa Avatar

    What a gorgeous picture!

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