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I mentioned in a post earlier this week about not falling into the resolutions trap every year. I set out some mini goals for myself ~ things that were easily attainable and wouldn’t make me feel horrible if I couldn’t reach them.

I decided I needed a bit more organization on the home front, specifically in the laundry and bill-paying department. Bills are funny to me because I have such a love-hate relationship with them. I hate being “in charge” of the finances, making sure they are paid, feeling guilty if I spend a little too much fun money when I shouldn’t be. At least once a month, Vin realizes this and offers to take over. And 99.999% of me wants to throw everything at him and yell “Alrighty then!” But there’s a controlling part to me (a rather large part if I’m being honest) and I simply cannot. give. up. control. Ah! I decided I needed to do our banking at least every other night just to keep tabs on everything. AND… and… I have a neat-o new spiral notebook. You know how some people use a nice, old fashioned check register? Yeah not us. I have an 8.5 x 11 inch BOOK! But I must say, it’s totally working and already making me feel more in control and level-headed about spending and hopefully, saving. It’s something small but it’s already making me feel better.

I’ve also been ridiculously fairly on top of the wash (if I was a superstitious person I’d say “Jinx!” here but since I’m not…) My problem is that I let everything spiral out of control a little too quickly and then I need a giant pile of time and energy to get back on track again. I figure if I do a little each day (or, every other day because lets get real here), it won’t have time to spiral out of control.

And so by making these simple changes, I already feel more at peace with household “stuff” and that’s leaving my creative brain free to daydream up new ideas & projects.

I decided in early December that I wouldn’t be doing Project 365 again this year. I successfully completed it in both 2009 and 2010 but I need a break. Big time. And do you know what? I am so relieved. I truly, honestly am. There have been a handful of times already in the past few days where I’ve started to get up to take a picture because there are times during P365 when you feel you have to and… I get to sit back down again. No more forced pictures or filler photos just to get the project done. Now it’s back to photographs when I want and how I want. No pressure. And I seriously LOVE it!

I thought bout participating in Project 52, which is one photo a week for the entire year. Much less pressure than P365 but I am not sure if I’m 100% committed at this point. Looks like I’ll need to decide soon!  I told my husband that I could probably try to focus on a picture of all three kids once a week and then I squashed that idea as quickly as I dreamed it up. What a way to take a simple project and make it a huge chore huh?

So it was back to the drawing board for me and it was then that I remember a really fun photo project that my friend Michelle did last year. It’s called 64 Colors and it’s oh-so fun! Basically, it’s a color challenge for every color crayon in a box of 64 Crayolas. Isn’t that awesome?! (And yes, I totally bought myself a new box of crayons and came home to organize them by color shade – see above).

I have no idea how I am going to start. There are two ways: 1) I can scroll through old Blog entries starting here and work forward or 2) I can run down the alphabetized color list and work that way. I am leaning toward option 1 but I’ll give myself a few more days to decide.

Through this challenge I am hoping to push myself creatively and think even more outside the box than I usually do. I want to try new stuff with my camera play with my lenses and just have fun. Don’t get me wrong: I had tons of fun with my photography in 2010. In fact, probably the most fun I’ve had to date. But in 2011, I am going to reach even higher. I also seem to do best when I hold myself accountable in some way, so along with keeping my FB page updated and active, I created a brand new FlickR for my personal photos. (I’ll link it up once it’s ready to go!)

I’m really looking forward to the next few days. I have a new backdrop being delivered along with a new light and a small umbrella that will hopefully help with some more in-home studio work. We got more snow today and we’re slated for even more next week! How does that fit in with the equipment talk? Well, I rented a macro lens to arrive in between both storms and I am really hoping to maybe get some of those glorious snowflake macros. *fingers crossed* I also have an in-home session with a super-sassy little lady this weekend and I can’t wait to see what we do. She oozes personality in every photo I’ve seen of her so I’m excited! Plus I have two newborn baby girl sessions next week. I never dreamed I would be so busy so soon in the New Year but I am loving it and feeling so very gracious and fortunate.

Here are two picture of my sweet Grace rocking her very first braids. :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  • Maybe I’ll work on that laundry with you…I get so on top of things, then people insist on wearing clothes and it all starts over again! I mean, is it so hard to go without a couple days so I feel good about myself?

  • I like the 64 color idea…cute! I gave up P365 too, I don’t think people realize just how hard it is! I opted for the Project 52 with prompts, I am doing 2 photos a week. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

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