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It’s 5pm and I am still in pajama pants. Grace and I also fell asleep for a few hours this afternoon, snuggled in my bed reading books. Now that is the way to spend a Friday. :)

I have been making time for my scrapbooking lately, and really enjoying it. Here are three of my latest pages. You can see all of my credits in my 2Peas gallery: CLICK ME!

As for photos, I’ve had a busy week. Three shoots this week alone! Many cute babies. :) I’ve also been playing around with a 105mm macro lens. I’m enjoying it, but I think I like the 60mm better. Here are some shots:

TOP ROW, L-R: teeny tiny nonpareil sprinkles, yarn I am crocheting with, a flower.

BOTTOM ROW, L-R: blueberries, Maggie’s nose (brother’s Goldendoodle), crayons

Oh and here’s my new photography FlickR: GinaRaeMillerPhotography on FlickR. I have a bakery FlickR, an old personal FlickR, but now I really wanted a place to showcase favorite shots. This is it. I want to be able to participate in challenges or play around with non-breathing objects and not feel like they had no place within my Facebook so there was no reason for them. And speaking of challenges, I think I finally, finally figured out how I am going to work my 64 Colors project. It’s going to be completely out of order and random because I feel like breaking some rules. :)

And lastly, a really cute picture of my snow princess. I love b&w conversions on snow pictures. Isn’t she a beauty?

Enjoy your weekend!


  • I love your macro photos! I got a macro lens two years ago, but really haven’t played with it. It does macro at 200 to 300mm so not really an indoor lens. Either I have to brave the cold or wait until spring! :)

  • Can’t wait to see how you are going to do your 64 colors!
    Love the photo of Em! The conversion is delightful!
    Good for you for scrapping again – I haven’t done that in so long! So mnay things competing for my attention and too little time!

  • Gina, I use to read your blog many moons ago,(so to speak. lol), I am soooo glad you decided to share it with us again!
    I LOVE your Macro photos and yes the Blueberry got me to. lol.
    I had no idea you were into Photography now….suits you Perfect!
    Your kids have grown so much.
    I also have decided to do the 64 Colors. I saw where you posted about it and it sounded like fun. Ok, got my crayons… what? lol. Anxious to see how you start.

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