happy new year | 2011

Another brand new year. A fresh start. I hate the word resolutions. They seem a dime a dozen to me. Instead, I prefer easy-to-reach, simple goals.

This year, I want to read more. I miss reading and seemed to put it on the back burner once my photography took off. I tried to use the Kindle app on my iPhone but it wasn’t working. I need to visit the bookstore, hold a book in my two hands and smell those delicious pages. I really, really am going to read this year. A lot.

I want to spend more time with my family and not tied to a computer. Sounds easy enough but sometimes, photography and design work get in the way. No more. This past week has been glorious. We had no schedule, I stayed offline more than usual and we just played and had fun. I plan on much more of that in ’11.

I resolve (ok, ok, one resolution) to stay on top of the laundry pile and balance the checkbook more frequently then I currently do. If I did it at the very end of each day, I know I would rest so much easier at night. The checkbook that is. No way I am folding laundry daily. Bleck. But I promise myself I will do it more often than I do now. I seem to wait until it’s quite possible to bury the entire family of five under the clean clothing mountain on the laundry room floor.

See? Simple goals. :) And as for you my friends, I hope that 2011 brings you:

Emily (7) – Andrew (6) – Grace (2)

I started the year surrounded by these three beautiful faces, and if that is any indication of how my 2011 will go, I say I’m pretty fortunate.

Happy New Year!


  • Beautiful photos, Beautiful Faces!!!! Growing up so fast!!!

    Reading more is something that I want to do too. I miss it. Like you said; it’s so easy to put it on the back burner. Be like “Oh, I have to do this…” or “This needs my attention more…”

    Here’s to a GREAT 2011!!

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