baby hailey | long island newborn photographer

I haven’t had much time to blog lately (and not because I am doing anything life-altering over here. More like I am too busy crocheting like an old lady every night. More on that (hopefully with some handy links) later). I couldn’t let the blog sit without at least a few peeks at this little cutie.

I did Hailey’s newborn pictures last week. She has the coolest birthday: 1.1.11! Mom had this great classical CD going and Hailey was happy to just lay there and sleep for 99% of the session. She was so teeny and curled-up and sweet.

Her Mom made all of her fancy hair accessories and tutus. Are they fabulous or what!?

This picture was one of our favorites. A little pea in the pod. Despite trying to wrestle her way out of here at first, I think she’s kind of smiling and realizing just how comfortable this yarn cocoon really is.

Thanks again for having me over Lauren. Hailey is a little doll!






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  1. Renee Lewis Avatar
    Renee Lewis

    Hey Gina what are you crocheting? I love to crochet. I am working on a Basketweave blanket and a scarf right now. Try to post some pics. Oh….and your pictures are beautiful!

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