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I am actually not sure if this was the Blizzard of 2010 since I can’t remember what January / February brought is earlier in the year and I’m too lazy to Google right now. =P  This was a blizzard nonetheless, one that dumped nearly two feet of snow on us, “paralyzing” the Island as one local news source said. As I mentioned in a previous post, the timing (for us, anyway) was perfect. Christmas was over and Santa had brought three new shovels and three new sleds for the kids. We had a fridge full of leftovers, a toyroom filled with new toys and nowhere to go.

Grace doesn’t hate snow per say, but after bundling up and playing outside for maybe ten minutes, she’s had enough. As long as we were out there long enough for some teddy bear hat pics, I was leaving the scene happy.

Those other two hooligans on the other hand… they would construct an igloo and sleep outside if we let them.

I think Vin shoveled for nearly 4 hours, give or take an hour. He threw all of the driveway snow into a big, huge mountain on the lawn. The kids were so excited to test out their disc sleds from Santa. This was Gracie’s very first time sledding down any type of hill solo. Pretty funny to watch.

“On your mark… get set…”


We interrupt pictures of the cute toddler to show you this neat-o shot of a frozen Christmas light. We have a few hundred more if you’re interested.

View down our street, after everyone had been busy shoveling their cars out, snow blowing and the plows had come through.

Does my crooked telephone pole annoy anyone else? I was *thisclose* to Photoshopping it straight but didn’t. Maybe I still will. The crookedness makes me itch.

This was actually the very first picture I took. It was way too sunny to look at my camera. And really, could Grace look any more enthused?

More sledding. More sledding which led to a fat lip. Picture below.

This one makes me laugh. Look at Emily flying through the air.

Walking a few houses down to go play with a friend.

And then it was time to come inside and warm up.

Something about her face looks old there and I’m not liking it.

Our littlest Apple geek. Most likely she was either playing “Monkey Lunk-Bock” or THIS, which she is crazy-good at. It’s almost scary.

Ah, a war wound.

Another fun way to pass the time? Coloring your own cardboard cottage! Gracie got this from my cousin for Christmas and it’s been a fixture in my living room all week. The kids are having a ton of fun with it. I’d love to link you but my efforts have proved to be fruitless.

How are you all spending New Year’s Eve? Years ago I adapted a saying from my Grandma: “It’s just another day…” and I truly feel like that. I’ve never been big on the NYE parties. The biggest thing I’ve ever done on NYE was get my tattoo which is… 11 years old today. :) All of that to say that this year, for the first time in many years, Vin is home! The kids are really excited to try and make it to midnight. Grace will never make it. The other two probably will. Last year Emily and I rang in the New Year together. Poor Andrew fell asleep at 11:55pm on the couch; no exaggeration.

Tomorrow night, we’re planning on playing lots of games, watching lots of movies and diving into some homemade hot chocolate cupcakes! I bought some confetti, a New Year’s sign and we have 5 pairs of 2011 glasses to wear. It should be quite the celebration. ;)

Tonight? I have a late-night date with Loreal 4A. There’s no way I am ringing in the new year with the obscene amount of grays that are currently taking up residence on my head…

Au revoir 2010. You’ve been decent to us but I think 2011 can be even better!






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  1. Melissa Ives Avatar
    Melissa Ives

    Ahh…my NYE will be spent pretty much the same sans children, who will be snug in their beds by 7:30p.
    I love that shot of the icicles on the Christmas light! We had all that snow before Christmas.

    Have a happy New Year! Catch you in 2011!

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