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As promised, here I am. : ) Drumroll please…..

Congratulations Ms. Cheryl Peacock! As you can see, Grace took her raffle-selecting duties very seriously. She even got out her own camera to record each step just like Mommy did.

You’ll notice we printed all 37 names from the comments, folded each up and added them to our bowl and then a very eager little Gracie selected one. She kept flashing it to me upside down hence the nicely propped name bottom-right.

Congrats again Cheryl! You get a $50 gift card from Everyday Keepsakes! Please e-mail me: gina AT ginamillerdesigns DOT com to claim your prize.

My kids, who are usually my helpers with giveaways, can never stop at selecting just one name. So we drew a second and are throwing a GinaMillerDesigns gift card into the mix. ; ) Lucky recipient of a $20 GMD shopping spree? Ms. Melanie Catalano!

Thanks to all who played along! Come back periodically as this Blog hosts more giveaways in time for the holidays. : )






5 responses to “winner(s) | everyday keepsakes giveaway”

  1. Kirsty Avatar

    Congratulations ladies!! Such great prizes!!

    On a side note, Gracie is looking so much more like Emily now! She’s gorgeous G!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks!! She does look a lot like Emily lately!

  2. Melanie Catalano Avatar
    Melanie Catalano

    Wooohoooo!!! Best news of the night!!!! Thank you!! I love those Miller kids!

    1. Gina Avatar

      You know what was funniest about your win? Grace held on to that slip of paper for an hour after. Remember when I updated my FB status that she got a free cookie everywhere I stopped in town yesterday? I was picking up goodies for my jewelry party and finally in King Kullen, I was like “What is this dirty slip of paper you’ve been holding?” It only said Melanie Catalano on it. LOL! She carried you all through town!

      1. Melanie Catalano Avatar
        Melanie Catalano

        LOL are you serious!?!? That little goober! Finally I’ve been to NY!! LOL!! Did she show me the town? We’ll make that piece of paper like Flat Stanly, Lets send me somewhere else now. Haha!

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