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I had a lovely, busy day today. My first impromptu stop was into the nail salon for a morning manicure after I got all three kids off to school. Velvet Voyeur. Love it. It’s been a reallllly long time since I had my nails done. The manicurist told me I looked thinner and had lost weight. I figure my morning was either off to a phenomenal start or …she had me confused with someone else. Then I used some gift cards and store coupons at VS and ATL. Grabbed my daily coffee, picked Grace up from school and then we powered through Target, picking up Christmas gifts along the way. I figure this is the last year I can shop with her in my cart where she sits up front and her Santa toys are in the back and she has no idea. Got lots of cute things (like this rocking horse for the Bitty Babies I plan to get my girls) including half of the Dollar Spot (needed to replenish my stock of Buddy the elf gifts!) The kids had a half day and I got a glowing report at Emily’s parent-teacher conference. A good, filled day which left me little time to sit at my computer and figure out yesterday’s Cyber Monday winner. But I am here now so, drumroll please!

Congratulations Ferdy!!

Please e-mail me at gina AT ginamillerdesigns DOT com to claim your prize!

And since no entry would be complete without a little something cute to look at, here’s my adorable little Gracie yesterday afternoon.

Grace @ 2 years and 2 months

Thanks again for stopping by yesterday and entering the giveaway. Happy {almost} December!






2 responses to “winner | cyber monday giveaway”

  1. Michelle Adams Avatar

    You always find the coolest nail polish colors!!!!! Love that one! ;)

  2. Ferdy Avatar

    awww Gina!! thanks sooooooo much!!!
    can’t believe I actually won…yaaaay!!
    PS – Grace is so cute! love that flower on her head!!

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