thankful for… | thanksgiving 2010

photos taken November 16th 2010

(In no particular order) my husband (7 1/2 years!), my children (3 beauties), photography (well, duh!), coffee (currently peppermint mochas), sweatpants (PINK), good friends (you know who you are. Yes you), family (see previous aside), take-out (Chinese, Mexican, pizza…), a handful of tv shows (GLEE and Law & Order SVU for starters), fresh sheets (going to sleep in some right now!), a new outfit (current ensembles are usually comprised of boots, skinny jeans and a cute top), cute accessories (scrunchy legwarmer fingerless gloves), good perfume (Lovely my Sarah Jessica Parker = new fave), sunny days (keep ’em coming!), Photoshop (our relationship is 5+ years strong and we have no plans to call it quits anytime soon), a good book (haven’t read in a really long time but I still enjoy stacking books on my night table and staring at them), a good lens (50mm 1.4 still wins), my iPhone (especially when it’s my iPhone in it’s custom-made wool case), a good shopping day (had a couple of those recently), yummy food (hello Thanksgiving!), Fall & Winter-scented candles (burned Mountain Pine as we set up our tree tonight), laughter (especially from the three smallest Millers), hugs (from Mr. Miller or the children; it doesn’t matter), kisses (see previous aside) and kiddie snuggles (every morning!) ~ I am thankful for many, many things.

Happy Thanksgiving!






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  1. Shannon B. Avatar

    I’m a little shocked that Greek food and Rock of Ages didn’t make your 2010 thankful list. But I’m glad to see your scrunchy gloves remain with confidence, despite Mr. Miller’s teasing. Yay for a great list of thankfulness!

  2. Diane Enarson Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Gina!!!

  3. shanah Gordon Avatar
    shanah Gordon

    Beautiful lo and beautiful sentiments….enjoy the day G!

  4. Donna Avatar


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