thankful for… | thanksgiving 2010

photos taken November 16th 2010

(In no particular order) my husband (7 1/2 years!), my children (3 beauties), photography (well, duh!), coffee (currently peppermint mochas), sweatpants (PINK), good friends (you know who you are. Yes you), family (see previous aside), take-out (Chinese, Mexican, pizza…), a handful of tv shows (GLEE and Law & Order SVU for starters), fresh sheets (going to sleep in some right now!), a new outfit (current ensembles are usually comprised of boots, skinny jeans and a cute top), cute accessories (scrunchy legwarmer fingerless gloves), good perfume (Lovely my Sarah Jessica Parker = new fave), sunny days (keep ’em coming!), Photoshop (our relationship is 5+ years strong and we have no plans to call it quits anytime soon), a good book (haven’t read in a really long time but I still enjoy stacking books on my night table and staring at them), a good lens (50mm 1.4 still wins), my iPhone (especially when it’s my iPhone in it’s custom-made wool case), a good shopping day (had a couple of those recently), yummy food (hello Thanksgiving!), Fall & Winter-scented candles (burned Mountain Pine as we set up our tree tonight), laughter (especially from the three smallest Millers), hugs (from Mr. Miller or the children; it doesn’t matter), kisses (see previous aside) and kiddie snuggles (every morning!) ~ I am thankful for many, many things.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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