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This afternoon I had my second shoot of the weekend. This was another mini session geared at finding a Christmas card picture with a wardrobe change thrown in! I met the T family through my own daughter Emily. I kept hearing about this girl all last year who Emily would be best friends with one day and not speaking with the next. It was frustrating so I formulated a plan: lets just have a playdate and stay on the friend’s side! Emily and Bianca are “BFFs”. They even have BFF t-shirts and will coordinate when they wear them to school. Bonus #1: Bianca’s little brother Michael is a year younger than my Andrew so we can sometimes do playdates for all 4 kids and everyone plays nice together. Bonus #2: Bianca’s Mom Trish has become one of my good friends (because I recognize an awesome person with a sense of humor to rival my own when I see one).  ;)

Enjoy your pictures Trish & family! I couldn’t have asked for cuter subjects to work with on a pleasant Sunday.

I really cannot even stand the cuteness…

Best. Eyelashes. Ever.

Isn’t it nice to have kids close in age? Built-in best buddies (for the most part anyway).

I’m totally loving B’s pink hat. And shocker – Emily saw it and declared she needs some fun hats of her own. =P

Of course I brought an ‘M’ along for Michael. And Spiderman is totally rockin’ his pose.

Thanks for spending time with me T family. I hope you like your photos!






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  1. Trish Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my pics and have some friends that want to book with you! They look amazing and you are so patient with the kids! I am a lifetime customer and a lifetime friend, thank you again Gina!! Now the hard part to pick out my pics for my card..LOL

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