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Yesterday when I picked Grace up from school, she had a beautiful blue painting to take home with her. “I made that!” she yells every time she sees it on the fridge (she didn’t even wait for me; she hung it up on display all by herself). It’s a beautiful blue masterpiece if you ask me! We spent some time outside just enjoying the sunshine and Autumn breeze as I took these photos.

Grace is having a very big night. She climbed out of her crib for the first time during what should have been yesterday’s nap so today my parents helped me separate the bunk beds so each girl has their own twin bed now. It took about 90 minutes for Grace to fall asleep tonight but that’s mainly because she napped today. She also shares a room with her older sister so there was plenty of giggling, yelling and general silliness going on when everything should have been quiet. I peeked in before and each girl is in her own bed. Grace looks like a little stuffed animal laying in this big, huge bed. She made us laugh when we laid her down and she said “Where are my covers?!” LOL! What covers? She has blankies but has never had any sort of covers in her crib. Now all of a sudden she’s in a big bed and wants the works. I am going to go shopping for a comforter set tomorrow (perhaps for both girls ~ thinking about going with a cute owl theme).

Today was Picture Day at the kids’ school. I think they looked rather cute if I do say so myself.

Our plans for this long 3-day weekend include a Saturday night football game, a Halloween craft, a photoshoot, a birthday party, cookie baking and hopefully some relaxing in between.







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