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I am sooo excited to finally be Blogging these photos. A) because I have three sessions this week and will need to Blog them before falling way, way behind and B) because after I started editing them I realized how many cute shots were captured.

This is Lianna AKA my Gracie’s BFF. ; )  (You may recognize her from this post here). Her mother is my sister-in-law’s sister and we were pregnant together (Grace is only 3 weeks older).  Lianna became a big sister this Summer and cute little Vincent is only a few months old. He was also my very first sleeping newborn! I got really excited and stuck him in a doll bed. LOL!

These photographs were all taken in my home. It was really laid back and lent itself well to baby feedings and wardrobe changes.

I hope you love your images A family. : )

These boots were made for walking…

I absolutely love the above image! Isn’t he adorable? Below, Vincent was not interested at ALL in showing off his Baptism suit…

And probably my favorite image from the afternoon…

Do you want to hear a fast, silly story about that doll bed? Emily’s blankie has been missing for two weeks. She just turned 7 and has slept with her super-soft lilac-colored blankie since birth. My Mom finished crocheting it for her when I was in labor. Anyway, she lost it and it was right around the same time we split the girls’ bunk beds and threw away Grace’s crib bedding and mattress. We looked high and low but the super-soft lilac-colored blankie was nowhere to be found. My Mom searched. I searched. I finally figured it accidentally got tossed away with the crib linens and my Mom said she’d make a new one.

Today I was fiddling around in my laundry room, looking through some prop blankets and baskets. I ended up lifting the heavy blue looped blanket you see on bed above and what peeked out? Super-soft lilac-colored blankie!  I ran to Emily’s room with it on my head and told her I crocheted a new one! LOL! Totally my fault it was lost but I think she forgave me since I was also the one who finally found it. I have to admit I was really upset at the idea of it being gone. All of my kids have numerous blankets and Andrew & Grace each sleep with 3. Emily *only* sleeps with her super-soft lilac-colored blankie (sorry, it’s just fun to keep describing it like that…) and I figured she had no blankie to give to her kids one day. Blankie crisis averted!

Ok A family… I hope you love the pictures posted above. We’ll definitely have to do it again some time soon. ; )  Everyone else ~ hoping to Blog again tomorrow with some cute Halloween-inspried pictures I took of Emily today outside in the beautiful Sunday sun.






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