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Literally my middle child but also sandwiched in the middle of both sessions this weekend was a shoot with my boy. He was so excited to go on a “date” with me. I told him to grab a few toys and off we went.

I think it’s important to include pieces that reflect where a child is at now, hence the football, rock guitar (he started playing The Ramones during the shoot) and Harry Potter Legos. This kid is ALL about Legos. And neckties. You knew he’d be wearing one, right?

Love this one! The timing as perfect too. Andrew plays on a 1st & 2nd grade football team with over 30 kids on it. He is usually part of the second-string defensive line but yesterday, he was a team captain and played in 85% of the game. It was great to see!

Such a monkey.

He said they have the same jungle gym at his school and he can’t make it all the way across the monkey bars. After dangling his string bean legs around and trying maybe a dozen times, he was breezing right across the full set of bars in no time.

As this boy frequently tell me, he’s my knight sent here to protect me. When his father works overnight, he’s in charge of the house. And the dog. LOL! And taking out the garbage. All of his “manly” duties. He is the BEST son anyone could ask for. I cannot believe God gave him to me. <3 I love you Buddy.




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  1. Shannon B. Avatar

    I just love that he’s your protector. Its heart-melting. Fabulous shots – absolutely love that he’s playing the Ramones and yay for being team captain! (I wanna say that I saw you post somewhere that they won too?) Oh, did you guys ever watch HP? What did you think? P.S. Kyla is bound and determined to make it across the monkey bars too. Its like her vendetta.

  2. Amy Avatar

    All I can say is STUNNING!!!!

  3. shanah Gordon Avatar
    shanah Gordon

    That boy is as sweet and he is handsome!

  4. Kelly W. Avatar
    Kelly W.

    Gina, these pictures are WONDERFUL! He is such a handsom guy! I love your idea of having him take some of his favorite toys to document his interests at this time in his life. You obviously have a very special little man! Son’s are the best. I can completely relate because I feel the exact same about my little guy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brandy Avatar

    Gina he is so adorable and I’m in awe of the photos. I had to giggle about the Knight business because my 5 year old tells me the same thing. He tells me “Mama I need to do my man duties since Dad is off making the big bucks” (“Big Bucks” I wish lol). It’s definitely a blessing when they get in this stage.

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