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It occurred to me the other day that while I have friends who have read my Blog for the past half a decade, new people might stumble upon this new space and not know anything about me. I suppose that’s ok except well, it’s not. Hi. My name is Gina and I like to over-share.

Now. Who are these people that I surround myself with daily? Let me introduce you to the cast of characters.

That’s Vin. He’s awesome because the kids believe he has a super power; he puts out fires. He’s 34, plays FDNY lacrosse, loves his job, enjoys when I cook, dislikes when the kids argue and would prefer I didn’t spend so much of his money. We also run 5Ks together as time permits. One of these days I swear I am going to beat him, even if I have to take him out at the knees.

We met in 2001 at Scotland Yard and I made it my mission to personally speak to him when he was the only guy to not shake my hand (he gave me a wave. I thought he was rude). We dated for a whirlwind 18 months and then tied the knot in April 2003. We moved into our apartment, had a baby, had another baby, bought a house, got a dog and then thought “Hey we’re pretty decent at this parent thing” so we had baby #3. Vin has 1,001 odd side jobs but his number one job is with the FDNY. Everyday the kids feel proud to have such a cool Dad. And everyday I feel pretty lucky to have walked into this guy one very random August night ten years ago.

Emily is our first born. She just turned 8, is a little fashionista, a Brownie Scout, a ballet, tap, jazz & lyrical dancer, a brand new violinist and can run circles around most boys on the athletic field. She hates toys although she insists she loves them, sleeps on the top bunk, has a BFF, loves anything crafty and is constantly looking for someone to play with or somewhere to go. (She totally doesn’t share her mother’s love for hanging around the house in sweats all day. I know. I don’t get it either.) Right now she will tell you that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  Her favorite color is red. And pink. Her favorite food is cheesy rice with broccoli.

Andrew sometimes suffers from middle-child-syndrome where he declares “I’m not that special!” but I can assure you that he is. Want to know why? 1) he’s our only son and 2) I have never in my life met anyone quite like him. He just turned 7 (he’s only 13 months younger than Emily), is a football player, a class clown, a LEGO master and has an affinity for wearing neckties to school. He has the ability to make friends wherever he goes and cannot keep his room clean no matter how hard he pretends to try.  Why do we need to stash socks behind every dresser I ask you? It’s one of life’s mysteries. His favorite color is blue. His favorite foods are ice cream, fried chicken cutlets and sweet potatoes, in no particular order.

Grace is our “baby” who is now 3.  We frequently refer to her as our most mischievous child.  If she’s not supposed to be in it (i.e. makeup, glass cleaner, face cream, nailpolish – all true stories), she will be. She’s strong-willed and has a mind of her own. Why does she get away with everything you ask? Have you seen her cute little smile?  She has given me more grays than the other two combined. Her favorite past time is playing in her kitchen, making Play Doh creations, painting and helping me make dinner. She also loves to climb into bed with me at night and watch “the old ladies” …AKA The Golden Girls. Her favorite foods are anything containing sugar, yogurt & bananas.

Sadie is our Puggle. She’s 4. She spends most of her time outside barking at the neighboring dogs and eating the occasional bird. It’s awesome. Only, it really isn’t.

Those are the people I love most, in a nutshell. And if you’re looking for a little bio on me, click here.






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  1. Tania Avatar

    Hey Gina! I was a long time reader before the whole private thing and I have missed your blogging. I’m happy to see you’ll be sharing here. Good luck on your new adventure!!

    1. ginaraem Avatar

      Thanks Tania!

  2. Shannon B. Avatar

    I love this! What a great description of a very special family.

    1.  Avatar

      : ) Thanks!

  3. Rosann Avatar

    HI. I was reading the daily digi and decided to check out your site. I like how u profiled your family and I think I might add a section like this on my blog. Do u ever teach photography classes?

  4. Carolina Avatar

    Ginna, I can never get tired of you sharing too much! In fact thank you!..lol

  5. Sharon Weil Avatar
    Sharon Weil

    I just came across your contribution for the LilyPad blog hop – haven’t seen you in so long, I wasn’t even sure if you were still designing! I really miss reading about your life and your family. I laughed reading the little synopsis above, because I know the kids are WAY older now! (We aren’t, of course . . . but THEY are.) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and it was good “seeing” you again!

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