growing-up gracie | first day of nursery school

Ironed apple-print dress: check.

Two springy pigtails: check.

Stuffed-to-the-brim backpack filled with items she probably won’t need until 1st grade: check.

In a few short moments, Grace and I will be making our way to her Terrific Twos preschool program. I am excited for her! Yesterday I kept asking if she was ready to start school:

me: “Gracie, are you going to go to school tomorrow?”

her: “Yesth!” (That’s ‘yes’ with her cute little lisp).

me: “And are you going to make lots of friends?”

her: “Yesth!”

me: “And do you want Mommy to stay with you?”

her: “C’mon Mom. Hold hands.”

I know she will love the school setting, playtime, her teachers and other kids because she loves being around others, but grace absolutely goes berserk if I try to leave her. So we’ll see what happens. This is an easy week because today & Thursday I get to stay for the full hour. So of course she’ll do it – she has Mom as a secret weapon by her side. Next Tuesday will be the real test when I try to drop her off for the hour. And if that goes well, the last week of the month will be the full two hours two days a week.

I love this little munchkin! May today be the start of a great school career. : )






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