grace’s first day | orientation re-cap

Gracie started school yesterday which went perfectly (although if we’re being honest, an hour of playtime with Mom still present really shouldn’t go any other way). The other kids were excited to help get Grace dressed in her first-day finest. I think they were more excited than she was! Three bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and three rounds of tooth-brushing later, the three kids all walked down to the bus stop. After seeing her brother and sister off, it was time for a few pictures on the front stoop with Grandma and Grandpa and then off to her first day.

When we got to the school, Grace met up with her “BFF” which is my sister-in-law’s other niece. These little girls have been friends since birth. Now they’re in school together! Time sure flies…

“Come on Mom! I’m ready to go inside!”

The orientation was basically 45 minutes of playtime, 5 minutes of clean-up and a story to finish off the hour. Grace went down the slide a few times and played with a baby doll for a bit but she was most interested in coloring on the tables (covered in brown paper) and playing with Play Doh. Can you believe this was her first time playing with it? In my defense, Grace still puts tons of stuff into her mouth which is why I don’t take it out often at home. Maybe now I will. She rolled out pieces and tried to use the cookie cutters.

After class wrapped, we went to Grandma’s for pancakes and then back home for a little photoshoot. As soon as Grace sees me take my support stand and paper rolls out, she says “Mom. Take picture?”, gets in the middle of the backdrop and just waits. It seems I have trained her well. ; )

Tomorrow, that not-so-tiny-anymore little lady turns TWO.

Happy Wednesday!






4 responses to “grace’s first day | orientation re-cap”

  1. Sharon Avatar

    Oh my gosh, she is so totally Emily’s mini-me, especially in those first few photos!!

  2. Shannon B. Avatar

    That picture of her looking into your Mom’s eyes is just precious. And there are quite a few shots here where she looks so much like you!! She’s the cutest. I’ll take two of her please.

  3. Melissa Ives Avatar

    So cute! Happy first day of school!

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